§1 The general terms of business are valid, so long as there are no special agreements recorded, for all contractual relationships with Abrakadabra Spielsprachschule Berlin GmbH.

§2 The period of a child’s care lasts 60 minutes per appointment. The monthly fee charged for offline group courses in this case amounts to 59,90 € per month for a single period of care per week. The monthly fee for offline group courses amounts to 109,90 € for a twice held period of care per week. Divergent charges or durations of child care are to be noted in contract. No further costs are charged for materials. The monthly fee charged for 60-min.-online group courses amounts to 59,90 Euro and for 30-min.-online group courses to 38,90 Euro.

§3 The cost of care is to be paid monthly in advance. In general, the contractual month begins (not the calendar month) on the date upon which the contract began. The costs are for the full duration of the contract, including canceled lessons, and are to be paid in full. You can pay bi-yearly or yearly.

§3a When booking a daycamp, the full costs must be paid within 14 days of the booking. The payment can be paid either in cash or through bank transfer. In the case of a cash payment, the cash must be paid on the premises of Abrakadabra Spielsprachschule Berlin GmbH at Wexstraße 33, 10715 Berlin.

§4 The finalized contracts are for a fixed number of lessons. Should these lessons not take place (due to closure of a Kita, School holidays, public holidays, illness of a teacher, closing due to governmental restrictions etc.), all lessons will be made up after the experation of the contract free of charge at the usual course appointment. Alternatively we can find an appointment to replace it or find a substitute teacher. During school holidays and on public holidays there are no lessons. Exceptions to this rule can be discussed and agreed upon. Course appointments which are taking place but which are not attended individually by the clients won`t be reimbursed and can not be made up for.

§4a When booking a day camp, there is a scope of the services which is laid out in part in the contract. The Supervised hours, in terms of the daycamps, are only during the specified times. Additional supervision options are not a part of the contract. During the normal supervised hours, individuals who are not present will not be reimbursed. 

§4b Online group classes are taking place as usual during official German school holidays. Online group classes are not taking place on official all-German public holidays. For class appointments which are not taking place there will be no reimbursement and no cover up classes. Online course appointments which are taking place but which are not attended individually by the clients won`t be reimbursed and can not be made up for.

§5 All supervised lessons and daycamps, with the exception of a trial lesson, can take place only when all the contracts are turned in and finalized. The minimum group size is eight children. In the case of a group with a low participant number, Abrakadabra Spielsprachschule Berlin GmbH reserves the right to end the contract and will pay back any fees that were paid in advance.

§6 The contracts duration is noted in the contract. The contract extends automatically and without notice, after the contracts duration, unless there is a written notice of cancellation six weeks before the end of the contract. Abrakadabra Spielsprachschule Berlin GmbH reserves the right to cancel a contract in special circumstances. A cancellation of a contract from the contract holder is only possible otherwise with proof of a special circumstance. The automatic extension of the contract does not include daycamps. 

§6a Online group class contracts continuously extend automatically and without notice for 1 more contract period. Online group class contracts can be cancelled monthly to the end of the corresponding contract month.

§7 In case of default, 7.50 Euro will be charged for each reminder. In the case of returned direct debits, processing fees will be charged in addition to the reimbursement charges of the bank. If there is no further receipt of payment, in addition to the exclusion of the supervision hours, a judicial dunning procedure will also be initiated under the lawyer's mandate. The associated costs are also borne by the debtor.

§8 Abrakadabra is not liable for accidents or injuries of a child during the supervised time. Parents are liable for damages that are caused by the child.

§9 The place and time of the supervised lessons are noted in the contract.

§10 With lessons that take place in schools and kindergartens, the supervision takes place only during the specified times noted in the contract. Additional supervision is not included in the contract.

§11 With lessons in a private household, the hosting parents, who provide a suitable room will recieve a free spot for their child. They are required to provide the room for the entirety of the contracts duration, and help with bringing and picking of the children.

§12 Agreements with the teachers/supervisors that are not included within in the contract are not valid.


Instructions for withdrawal is also available here as PDF to download.